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The Emil Poenaru Legal Research Centre is an academic research unit, without legal personality, which carries out its activity within the L3 Laboratory of the Research & Development Institute: High Tech Products for Sustainable Development. The members of the Law Department, affiliated to the Emil Poenaru Legal Research Centre, benefit from research equipment, a library with a legal book fund, access to legislative software, as well as to online scientific databases, necessary to carry out high-performance scientific research activity.

The coordinator of the research centre is Prof. Dr. Ioana NICOLAE.

The priority areas of the research centre are: the development of high quality scientific research, as well as the exploitation and improvement of the visibility of research excellence; increasing the financial resources of academic research by increasing success in accessing national and international funds, by encouraging and supporting academics in accessing these funds; promoting inter- and transdisciplinary research, as well as frontier research based on the resources and skills of other research centres.

The human resource of the centre consists of specialists in the legal field – teaching staff of the Law Department, whose research scope targets the previously exposed fields. The objectives of the Emil Poenaru Legal Research Centre are achieved by carrying out activities specific to scientific research in the legal field, the most important of which are: carrying out activities and projects of theoretical and applied scientific research; attracting programmes and funding in order to develop the proposed research activities through research projects and contracts; attracting the young generation of researchers, graduates and professors from other universities in collaboration on organizing seminars, debates and conferences, as well as participating in such activities organized by other research centres in the country and abroad, initiating academic exchanges at national and international level.